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Having worked in the tech community for awhile now, we realised how fragmented information regarding the tech scene can be. Take this for example.

You’re in search of a grant for your startup idea, and you have no idea where to start. So maybe you do a google search, scoll through 5 websites, ring up a few startup friends for advice or try browsing through Facebook to discover events near you to attend. We thought, if only there’s this one place, to discover all the major players in Southeast Asia’s top tech startup cities; how cool would that be, and how many relationships and opportunities could that help foster!

Producky wants to be that place — that friendly community-curated place where you can fall back to for all information regarding all things tech and entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia (SEA).

We wanted to play our part to contribute and empower the entrepreneurial economy in SEA. We saw a world where people of all ages and walks of life were happy to support their local communities through interesting and astounding discoveries of the services offered by local emerging internet startups, the growing governmental support, education initiatives, increasing MNC corporate and banking support, and so much more. We saw the future, and knew we just couldn’t sit still without doing anything.

We hope for the rest of the world to see the awesome things coming out of this little region called Southeast Asia, and all the amazing traits each top tech city has to offer (did you know Penang is great for iOT startups?).

We’ve progressed quite a bit now. We started mid-2015 with a single pager, and revamped our website in Jan 2017. Feel free to browse around the website, learn a few new things about what’s going on, give back to the community by contributing to profiles, and write some nice feedback to us! We love reading encouragements. Also, check out our FAQ and Community Guidelines.


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