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If you don’t find what you’re looking for in here, feel free to drop us a line
at @helloproducky or helloproducky@gmail.com.

What’s this website all about?

Producky is a community curated guide to the Southeast Asian tech scene. Get to know all the active players in every city in Southeast Asia here!

Who are Contributors and how can I be a Contributor?

Contributors are people who add and curate information to profiles on Producky. They are the experts in the scene.

You can be a contributor by requesting to become one here. As a contributor, you will have rights to add content to profile pages on Producky.

How long does it take for profiles to be approved?

If there are no mistakes (think grammar and spelling boo boos, wrong links, incomplete entries), approval shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours. If it’s not up within 48 hours and you haven’t heard from us, feel free to drop us an email to find out what went wrong.

Why are profiles moderated?

After submission, all new profiles are sent to the Admins of the site for moderation. We do this to take care of the authenticity and credibility of all info provided in on our profiles. We do not condone the use of foul language, slander, racist or gender-biased remarks, or any other input that may tarnish another company, person, organisation’s reputation.

I found something incorrect on my company’s profile. How can I change it?

Unfortunately, Contributor editing is disabled while we’re still in beta. If you would like something that’s existing on your page changed, write to us at helloproducky@gmail.com and the Admins will consider your change request. We will only edit and/or remove information if they are a violation of our community guidelines listed below.

How do I know when profiles are approved?

You’ll receive an email from us stating that your profiles are now published on the website for everyone to see.

How can I get my profile featured on the landing page?

We’re a crowdsourced platform that’s free and fair for all to use for personal purposes. Until further notice, we’ll like to remain that way — free, independent and community driven.

Your platform’s great! I’ll like to make a donation!

Producky is bootstrapped by her fellow founders, meaning, the founders are paying for all everything from our own pockets. We are open and happy to accept donations to sustain the community.

Donations will go towards server, hosting and database maintanence costs to keep the website online and running. We are open for donations and sponsorships.

If you’ll like to extend a kind hand to us and contribute to our plight to keep Producky alive, please email helloproducky@gmail.com. We’ll be happy to hear from you.


Take a look at our community rules guidelines. They are to make sure that
Producky remains a safe & happy place for everyone. Please abide by it
the best you can.

  • Consistently create new profiles and update content on pages to help your community grow more well-acquainted with what’s happening in their city. You are the expert. You know best. Don’t keep information to yourself. Share and be open about what you know with others. Leave a footprint of your contribution on the World Wide Web for all to consume.

  • Try your bestest to use proper grammar, syntax, and spelling when contributing to profiles. Be open for gentle edits by our Admins.

  • Please avoid writing all in CAPS. Use standard uppercase.

  • Please think about the people behind the organisation of the profile you’re contributing to, and refrain from posting stuff that will tarnish anybody’s reputation. We will not accept offensive comments on our site. If there’s something or someone you don’t like, settle it outside of Producky.

  • Do not submit anything that isn’t true, or post someone’s personal information.

  • Once published, profiles will not be deleted. We like keeping history and memories of things.

  • Only upload square photos at all times. Square.

  • Proofread your submission for mistakes before submitting.

  • What’s written on Producky is curated & driven by the community. Users like you provide all the content. It started this way, and will remain this way for a long long time. Please do not hold us accountable if you find something on our website that you don’t like. We’re only the platform.

We’ll be adding and editing this page and section as we go. Please check back often.