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Epic Homes

Building homes, not just houses

Social Enterprise
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Mah Sing Foundation builds home for orang asli family

PETALING JAYA (July 25): Mah Sing Foundation, a charitable trust established by Mah Sing Group Bhd, has contributed RM42,000 to build a home for an orang asli family in Kampung Serendah via social enterprise EPIC Homes.

25 July 2016 • The Edge Property

7 Ways To Get To The Next Level In Life With Social Entrepreneurship… From An Insider

Meet John-Son Oei. 

He’s the Founder, CEO of EPIC. This is what he’s got to say about growing to the next level in life with social entrepreneurship.

09 November 2015 • Business Insider Malaysia

Epic meaning to building homes

Being in their 20s and not wanting to be labelled a hypocrite got John-Son Oei and Jayne Kennedy started on a bigger cause of building homes for the orang asli.

21 June 2015 • The Star

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ABOUT Epic Homes

EPIC (Extraordinary People Impacting Community) is a multiple award winning social enterprise that designs and creates platforms focused on developing people through service experiences.

EPIC’s projects span from equipping the public to build homes for underprivileged rural communities to providing homes for flood victims, training to identify and collect data regarding the needs of residents and engaging in Master Planning for community development. We also provide volunteer management systems and are moving into leadership training to develop resilient outreach partners, participants and communities.




EPIC Homes has built over 86 homes across Malaysia. 




The inspiration came when John-Son Oei decided to help a needy family in a remote village back in 2009. Looking at the amount of work, he realised it was not an easy task and organised a project to recruit volunteers (through social media) to help and improve the situation.

As such, EPIC Collaborative became a platform that enables ordinary citizens to positively impact communities in a fun and easy way. Now, a multiple award winning social enterprise with a flagship initiative, Oei believes EPIC Homes will revolutionise rural development, where it is possible to meet both physical and emotional needs of the underprivileged.

“Little actions can accumulate into a big impact. That is what we hope to promote with Epic Homes.”